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Social Networks


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Learn and master various social networks  for personal and professional purposes


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No prerequisites

About the training:

This training prepares for the AUSSIES - Webmarketing certification

Remote formulas:

Certifying training eligible for the CPF

Access to unlimited E-learning modules over a period of 3 months.

The training can also be provided face-to-face or in blended learning (combination of online and face-to-face sequences).

• Learn Facebook and Twitter - Social networks for business

Learn how to become a Community Manager, discover new customers and learn how to interact with them! In this online video course, you learn how to open and maintain Facebook and Twitter accounts for business and social marketing purposes.  

• Facebook for VSEs and SMEs

You learn to use the social network for professional purposes to enhance your brand and develop your company. This video course gives you methods, tips to master the website and make it a tool at the service of your marketing strategy.
The training also gives you the elements to analyze the statistics and interpret them to improve the performance of your posts. You are trained in Facebook ads, Facebook's advertising platform to attract new "fans" or prospects

• Master Facebook - Develop your community

At the end of this training, you will be able to use Facebook like a real pro and get results with few means! You will understand that time and strategy can allow you to develop a beautiful community and above all transform this audience into a committed customer who is passionate about your products and services.  

• Master LinkedIn

In this training, you will discover what makes the power of LinkedIn. For example, you learn how to properly create your profile, the equivalent of your CV, optimized so that it can be found by recruiters in your professional field. You benefit from the advice of our expert so that you are credible and valued in the eyes of headhunters.

• Start on Twitter

Everyone tweets! The media have appropriated this powerful social network for several years.  Do not stay out of this world, do not remain a mere spectator but become an actor by learning how Twitter works! In this Twitter tutorial, you will learn the basics of this social network, its vocabulary, its uses, its traditions. You will know how to write effective tweets to interact with your customers. Training on the basics to be present on the rising social network.

• Twitter for pros

This Twitter tutorial teaches you how to use the famous social network for professional purposes. It teaches you how to be efficient, how to use dedicated tools and how to respect the codes of good conduct of the social network. You learn how to do effective research on Twitter, organize information flows, create lists or schedule your tweets. Your presence on Twitter is optimized. The trainer also details how to develop a community around a brand or how to interact to prove your expertise. Communication on Twitter is addressed whether to promote a product or service or to convince the press.  


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